2020 in One Word

Last month, all eyes were on a Buddhist priest and his giant calligraphy brush. There atop Kiyomizu Temple’s iconic wooden terrace, news crews gathered to see what single kanji (Chinese character) he would draw, to summarize the entire year. Stepping up to … Continue Reading →

Seeing Jesus Podcast Interview

Had the opportunity to participate in a podcast at the end of 2020. This ministry means so much to me, so it was truly a privilege. Having said that, re-listening to it was almost as painful as listening to my … Continue Reading →

Eight-Year Reflection

[I originally wrote this for my sending church’s blog, but it definitely applies to all of you who have supported me the past eight years!] Send off on Sept 12, 2012 “Should we say our names [into the mic]? So … Continue Reading →

A Silent Sakura Moment: Lamenting and Loving in Light of COVID-19

It took a stroll by the sakura trees to slay my stoicism. There they were on my morning walk home from the supermarket – a cluster of cherry blossoms a couple feet above me. Whether it was their first morning … Continue Reading →

Fall Songwriting Retreat 1-min Trailer

Back from another songwriting retreat, this time in Chiba Prefecture! By the numbers, it was 4 people, 2 days, 1 song. Yes, just one, as we experimented writing together from start to finish. But what numbers can’t measure are the … Continue Reading →

Worship Leader Gathering 1-min Video

Here’s a one-minute clip of our first Worship Leader Gathering, held at Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, on July 15-16. Twenty-two worship leaders and songwriters from Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Kobe, Sendai and Nagoya gathered to encourage one another, worship in … Continue Reading →