A Silent Sakura Moment: Lamenting and Loving in Light of COVID-19

It took a stroll by the sakura trees to slay my stoicism. There they were on my morning walk home from the supermarket – a cluster of cherry blossoms a couple feet above me. Whether it was their first morning … Continue Reading →

Fall Songwriting Retreat 1-min Trailer

Back from another songwriting retreat, this time in Chiba Prefecture! By the numbers, it was 4 people, 2 days, 1 song. Yes, just one, as we experimented writing together from start to finish. But what numbers can’t measure are the … Continue Reading →

Worship Leader Gathering 1-min Video

Here’s a one-minute clip of our first Worship Leader Gathering, held at Christ Bible Institute in Nagoya, on July 15-16. Twenty-two worship leaders and songwriters from Tokyo, Chiba, Osaka, Kobe, Sendai and Nagoya gathered to encourage one another, worship in … Continue Reading →

seeJesus Podcast

For the past seven years since moving to Japan, if I had to choose one author whose books have shaped me the most, it would be Paul Miller. A friend first recommended me A Praying Life in 2010. The next … Continue Reading →

First Songwriting Retreat

Been a bit quiet on the blog the past few months. But trust me, life has been anything but quiet in the Nagata home, especially in the wee hours of the night! 👶 (I had to look up that idiom … Continue Reading →

Coming in 2019…

A belated Merry Christmas, and quick announcement to our supporters that we’re expecting in April! Filled with gratitude for all of you as we say goodbye to 2018 and begin 2019. Grace, Ian and Chi