Let the cookies do the explainin'.

Big Announcement

On Jan. 30, I proposed to Chihiro Kawabuchi, whom I met at my church in Tokyo in late 2014, and began dating just about a year ago. And since 99% of you weren’t in Tokyo to catch it, I made sure … Continue Reading →



Yes, my blog is back from the dead. And for the most part, so am I. “Resurrection”. That’s the word I picked to summarize my anticipation for 2015 last December. After all, it would be my third year in Japan (get … Continue Reading →

A foreign site no longer to this foreigner.

More foreign than a foreigner

“It seems you can either spend a lifetime trying to prove you’re as good as the worst Japanese person, or opt out and just be ‘foreign.’ ” Such was the conclusion of an article I came across recently, entitled, “Spare a thought … Continue Reading →


Sowing and Singing

Just over one a week ago, in a recording studio in Brea, California, at 7:30pm on the final night of a three week trip back to LA, we recorded the 11th and final lead vocal track of an album of … Continue Reading →

Graduation from language school...even if I don't have a diploma in hand to prove it.

I Had A Dream

I had a dream. In fact, it was more than a dream. It was a calling: to come to Japan at age 21, fresh out of college, and do full-time ministry. Based on that calling, and that timing, other things … Continue Reading →


Love Thy Missionary

Yes, this post is self-serving. But not primarily. As you may know, on Nov. 10, our Evergreen SGV missionary Garrett Inouye has returned to LA after two years of faithful service in Japan. Two years in a completely different culture, … Continue Reading →