First Original Translation Recorded

My original translation of 「求めて」”All We Seek” by Yuta Nakayama is featured on the new album,「主の栄光の中」(“In the Center of the Lord’s Glory”). The album is a collaboration work by several Japanese worship leaders, including Takafumi Nagasawa, the most well known Japanese Christian songwriter today. These … Continue Reading →

album cover

Album Release

On June 12 we released our debut album, “Where You Go”, at Evergreen SGV. We’re incredibly grateful for the support of everyone at Evergreen SGV, for purchasing so many copies in one day that we are already on our second printing! (And … Continue Reading →



Well, its official. On May 21, I married Chihiro Kawabuchi in Tokyo. Family, friends and coworkers all joined in, making it a wonderful once in a lifetime event. And then we did it again on June 4 in LA. After … Continue Reading →

Let the cookies do the explainin'.

Big Announcement

On Jan. 30, I proposed to Chihiro Kawabuchi, whom I met at my church in Tokyo in late 2014, and began dating just about a year ago. And since 99% of you weren’t in Tokyo to catch it, I made sure … Continue Reading →



Yes, my blog is back from the dead. And for the most part, so am I. “Resurrection”. That’s the word I picked to summarize my anticipation for 2015 last December. After all, it would be my third year in Japan (get … Continue Reading →

A foreign site no longer to this foreigner.

More foreign than a foreigner

“It seems you can either spend a lifetime trying to prove you’re as good as the worst Japanese person, or opt out and just be ‘foreign.’ ” Such was the conclusion of an article I came across recently, entitled, “Spare a thought … Continue Reading →