Toyosu – To God’s Glory

What is the area you’re church planting in look like?  How many people live there?  What’s your church’s vision?  Several people asked me these questions recently, and so I thought I’d post this 2-min video as a reference and reminder. … Continue Reading →

When Your Mission Field is a Tourist Destination

Granted, it’s not Hawaii. But with an estimated 12.5 million overseas visitors in 2017, Tokyo ranked #6 most visited city in the world. Just this month, I got emails from over 30 visitors coming this year. 3-0! Half are short-term missionaries, … Continue Reading →

Sakura Season

Pink sakura petals are dancing through the skies and kimono-clad grads are saying their goodbyes. It’s spring. And though I had another article on deck, posting these buds just seems a bit more timely. Have a blessed Easter!    

Snow Festival Snapshots

If you’re gonna freeze, might as well have fun doing so. That was our thinking when my parents made plans to visit in February. We headed up to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, and ate our way through Otaru … Continue Reading →

My Greatest Difficulty Living in LA

Note: I wrote this article last week for my home church’s newsletter. Apologies for all the LA references if you don’t live in LA. Celtics fans aside, who doesn’t love LA? As I sit in my Tokyo apartment with three … Continue Reading →

Christmas 2017 Highlights

A quick video post with some music highlights from our Christmas gatherings last weekend! After a year of taking jazz keyboard/reharmonization lessons with a friend via skype, it was fun to do some arranging on the piano as well. Most … Continue Reading →