First Japanese Song

Last week I had the privilege of serving on the music team for Church Planting Institute (CPI) 2017, a conference that gathers church leaders and missionaries serving across Japan. This year over 400 adults registered, making it one of the largest such conferences in Japan yet.

The theme was “Gospel and Mission” in the book of Ephesians. A month before the conference, the idea of writing a song for it came up as I was praying. After running the idea by Seita (the pastor I serve with, who also led worship for the conference), he suggested giving it a shot. With very helpful editing from him and my wife, Chi, we were able to introduce it at the conference.

I don’t plan on posting the entire song just yet (it’s not searchable on YouTube either), but I did want to give a taste to those of you praying for me in this area. I still have much to learn about songwriting in Japanese (and English), but by the grace of God, it is what it is! Here is a clip from the chorus, along with a translation of the lyrics.

ただキリストの恵みで ただ十字架の血潮で
tada Kirisuto no megumi de, tada jujika no chishio de
Only by the grace of Christ, Only by the blood of the cross

父なる神ほめたたえる ただ恵みで
chichi naru Kami hometataeru, tada megumi de
Praise God the Father, Only by grace

©2017 長田イアン

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