About the Album

Where You Go: “songs for the field, from the field”

On June 12, 2016, we released the album, “Where You Go” at Evergreen Baptist Church of San Gabriel Valley. Watch this video for footage from the release and a brief explanation of the album.

“Where You Go” is a collection of Christian worship songs written for the mission field, from the mission field.

Written primarily during my last year in LA and first two years in Tokyo, this album expresses the joys and sorrows of leaving home to reach a different culture for the sake of the gospel. Embracing the theme of lament, many of the songs are centered around Scripture passages that speak of joy in the midst of suffering.

Two of the songs are based on older works: “Heaven is a World of Love,” the famous sermon by Jonathan Edwards, and “God Moves in a Mysterious Way,” the famous hymn by William Cowper.

Lastly, “All We Seek” is an original translation of the Japanese worship song “Motomete” by Yuta Nakayama, sung in English along with the original Japanese lyrics.

The album is available on iTunes and streaming services. For purchasing physical copies of the album and/or shipping to Japan, email iannagatamusic@gmail.com.

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