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For the past seven years since moving to Japan, if I had to choose one author whose books have shaped me the most, it would be Paul Miller.

A friend first recommended me A Praying Life in 2010. The next year I got my hands on Love Walked Among Us. When I moved to Japan in 2012, A Loving Life taught me not just about love, but lament. Soon after when my friend Jon H. joined the staff of seeJesus (Paul Miller’s ministry), he resourced me with almost everything Paul ever wrote. Since then, we’ve co-hosted prayer seminars in Japan together, and taught the Person of Jesus study in our church in Toyosu. Most recently, Paul’s study (and soon to be book) “J-curve: Dying + Rising with Jesus in Everyday Life” has opened my eyes to areas of legalism and lovelessness that has brought me to my knees again.

Well as of last month, there’s now a podcast.

For those of you who know Jon, you’ll enjoy hearing him dialogue with Paul. For those of you who know me, you’ll enjoy hearing my music. Yes, all 15 seconds of it. (I was told not to quit my day job.)

I trust you won’t see this post as self-promotion, as promoting 15 seconds of your music is…pathetic. But I do promote this podcast to help us all see Jesus, more and more.

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