Snow Festival Snapshots

If you’re gonna freeze, might as well have fun doing so.

That was our thinking when my parents made plans to visit in February. We headed up to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, and ate our way through Otaru and Hakodate.

When you live on different continents, any family time is precious. But traveling together in a “foreign” country you now call home is a gift we couldn’t have imagined.

I’ve spared most of the food photos, but here’s a taste of Japan in winter!

Downtown Sapporo (Note: long exposure shots feel 10x longer in -10° C weather.)

Massive snow sculptures: second only to making snowballs (if you’re a kid).

Enjoying Sapporo TV Tower’s commanding view (and central heating).

On to Otaru!

Lantern love (Otaru Snow Light Path Festival)

Goryokaku Park from the ground…

…and above!

How Hakodate does breakfast

Voted as one of the Top Three Night Views in the world (Mt. Hakodate)

Voted as Top Three People To Travel With

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  • FM says:

    that’s the way to do it! WONDROUS! thanks for sharing. (night view certainly looks different than daylight!)

  • Venetia says:

    It was so great (and a pleasant surprise) to see you, Chi, and your parents at Chitose Airport!!! Your pictures brought back fond memories of our trip ~ the food, the SNOW, & the sites! Looking forward to catching up with your parents!

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