Toyosu Community Church: Celebrating One Year

A few months ago, wonderful couple from Sojourn Church in Fairfax, VA came to help capture the story of Toyosu Community Church. They created this video for the Sakaguchis’ website, but gave me permission to share it with you all … Continue Reading →

The Legacy of the Long Haul: A Tribute to Pastor Cory

“Six months,” everyone had told me. That’s how long the honeymoon phase in Japan would last. Then, the reality of life abroad would pound me like mochi. I woke up on March 13, 2013, just like the previous morning. Six … Continue Reading →

If the Servant Sets You Free

“Hey bro,” I whispered to my teammate on the train, “look at that guy.” Slumped across two seats, the man drifted into slumber as his ticket fluttered from his fingers to the floor. At 10pm, he was out for the … Continue Reading →

Hold the Rope

This post is a testimony I gave at Evergreen SGV’s All Church Summer Conference two weekends ago, as their first career missionary. The conference theme was “One Story, God’s Glory.” Please do not share on social media without permission. Weaving … Continue Reading →

Why I’m Watching World Cup

I was never a soccer fan. In first grade, my parents signed me up for a local team. Let’s just say my biggest contribution was eating a fair share of orange slices during the break times. One day, they bribed … Continue Reading →

Toyosu – To God’s Glory

What is the area you’re church planting in look like?  How many people live there?  What’s your church’s vision?  Several people asked me these questions recently, and so I thought I’d post this 2-min video as a reference and reminder. … Continue Reading →