My Greatest Difficulty Living in LA

Note: I wrote this article last week for my home church’s newsletter. Apologies for all the LA references if you don’t live in LA. Celtics fans aside, who doesn’t love LA? As I sit in my Tokyo apartment with three … Continue Reading →

Christmas 2017 Highlights

A quick video post with some music highlights from our Christmas gatherings last weekend! After a year of taking jazz keyboard/reharmonization lessons with a friend via skype, it was fun to do some arranging on the piano as well. Most … Continue Reading →

Fall Photos

It’s fall, and Chi and I just got back from a quick trip to Hakone, by Mt. Fuji. Since one of the purposes of this blog is to give our supporters a glimpse of our life in Japan, I thought … Continue Reading →

First Japanese Song

Last week I had the privilege of serving on the music team for Church Planting Institute (CPI) 2017, a conference that gathers church leaders and missionaries serving across Japan. This year over 400 adults registered, making it one of the … Continue Reading →

Suffering As Love

Dear Daniel, Congrats on making it to Tokyo! So glad you’ve arrived after months of training, visa issues, and three years of seminary. I know the sense of accomplishment and anticipation as you stand by the window in your new … Continue Reading →

Saying Sayonara

Missionary life is like being a Disney princess on parade: just keep waving. Goodbye, that is. Sure you say bye to friends and family when you board that plane the first time. But it never ends. Every trip back feels … Continue Reading →